The big to do: Here’s what a principal software engineer at Mitratech does all day

by Kevin Armstrong
June 14, 2017

We're taking a peek at the to-do lists of tech professionals across Austin to learn what it’s really like to do their jobs. 

Bruce Graham, a principal software engineer at Mitratech, recently talked us through his to-do list — and which task gets him out of bed in the morning.

WHERE I WORK: Mitratech provides legal, compliance and operational risk solutions for more than 1,200 corporations of all sizes across the globe.

ON MY TO-DO LIST: Luckily, I have my to-do list right in front of me. Here it is:

  • Create high-level technical roadmap for our ELM/GRC products. (The CTO of our new Board of Directors is visiting.)

  • Set up source repos for latest product releases for code review.

  • Prepare an Open Source use list for our legal department’s reference.

  • Create the next PPT Architecture and Design class slides.

  • Redo the Security 101 presentation for New Hire Orientation.

  • Close out all RFP questions assigned to me.

ITEM THAT GETS ME OUT OF BED: The most fun item is preparing for the Architecture and Design class I give to my Mitratech colleagues. I love architecture, have a passion for good design and I really enjoy sharing that.

We tackle some interesting and difficult problems. Last week we designed the software system for controlling an autonomous vehicle! Look out Google! 

HOW I DO IT: I take feedback from folks in the class to better understand what they’d like to learn about. I look over the week’s challenges for practical examples of good design or architecture.

We do some run-time exercises that can sometimes lead to unexpected results. For the upcoming class, we’ll explore more aspects of software architecture and design. (Flowcharts and Swimlanes are on the agenda.)  

HOW I CELEBRATE WHEN I COMPLETE THIS TASK: I will have a good time giving the class, so that will be the celebration. Plus, I will get a couple of days to think about the next class.

Want to learn more? Read about Mitratech


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