Bitfusion accelerates the hardware infrastructure to boost application software performance by up to 100x—without writing any code.Bitfusion solutions offer data-driven organizations supercomputing-class performance with a platform layer that features custom software, performance-portable libraries and hardware appliances to provide unprecedented acceleration in the existing infrastructure without code recompile, application rewrite or specialized skills.As Big Data keeps getting Bigger—with volumes, formats, hardware form factors, software applications and social media channels—the strain on the infrastructure is unprecedented, and many organizations see adding additional server nodes as the only option. However, this drives up operating costs, inefficiencies and technical complications. Instead of constant scaling, the ideal option is to enhance performance with the existing infrastructure. Powering the hardware with options such as FPGA, GPU and custom processors enables compute-intensive functions to be conducted more easily. That’s the true appeal of supercomputing.Bitfusion solutions function seamlessly in traditional data centers and cloud configurations, and enable general-purpose IT and software professionals to gain hardware acceleration without specialized skills. While most hardware chips require extended development times, high costs and specialized skills, the Bitfusion abstraction enables software professionals to use hardware accelerators like GPUs and even FPGAs with no further effort, costs, training or support. It helps a wide range of industries that require complex computations to be completed with speed, ease and accuracy.High-performance computing has long been confined to a few organizations with huge resources. At Bitfusion, we’re changing that dynamic. We’re bringing supercomputing to the masses.

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May 02, 2017
Type: funding
Investors: Vanedge Capital, Sierra Ventures, Data Collective, Resonant VC and Geekdom
May 07, 2015
Type: funding
Investors: Data Collective, Geekdom Fund, Resonant Venture Partners
February 03, 2015
Type: funding


Funding: $6.7M
Type: Technology Company
Industries: Technology

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