NetGend is an innovative, next-generation performance test platform, excelling at traditional applications by truly differentiating itself in modern hyper-scale and complex applications. Some key attributes of the platform are:Significantly more scalable than legacy tools: NetGend generate exceptionally high load by emulating 50,000 HTTPS virtual clients or 1,000,000 HTTP virtual clients on a single quad core Xeon box. Clustering can be used to generate even higher load.Remarkably flexible: NetGend supports all the most challenging programming constructs, variables and functions, and can handle many test scenarios that stump other testing tools, like JMeter and LoadRunner:We have a unique compound variable approach that maps nicely to many nested data structures. This can easily handle server messages in JSON, XML/HTML format much more efficiently and fine-grained than competitors.Not only does NetGend support all the expected string manipulations that other platforms support, such as regular expression, finding patterns by giving left and right boundaries, etc... But, also, split strings, tokenize expressions and many more.NetGend supports many different types of random functions that make testing more realistic, such as randElement() that will randomly pick a product in a e-commerce web page.We provide more natural support for nested conditions and/or loops by allowing script level implementationRefreshingly easy to use: NetGend is designed from the ground up to make it easy for test engineers to use.Because of our core engine, there is no need to worry about threadsWe abstract away the need to use asynchronous programming (call backs) techniques.There is no need to use APIs to access parameters (a.k.a per-vuser variables), as a result, there is no need to know advanced programming to handle complex test scenarios.Tedious tasks like filling out HTML forms are made simple so that testers/programmers do not have to grab the hidden fields or have to find the internal names of the user- visible fields.Modern Protocol supportNetGend supports the most popular protocols, similar to legacy testing tools, but also, because of its unique asynchronous architecture under the covers, we support database and big data protocols very easily as well.Because of our unique architecture, we handle event-driven test scenarios for certain applications and protocols superior to other tools.In addition to common protocols, unique protocols include Mongo, Cassandra, NoSQL, MQTT (IoT), etc…

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Location: Austin
Type: Technology Company
Industries: Enterprise Web

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