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CloudAustin's Dog Days of DevOps

Organized By
Cloud Austin
Aug 20
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

August. Summer's gotten long. The kids aren't back to school yet. People are taking vacations. It's hot. Tech meetups lag.

We have the antidote for these summer doldrums! CloudAustin's Dog Days of DevOps, like our Twelve Clouds of Christmas, is a fast, furious, fun style meetup. Last year's for review:

We'll have a dozen (or more) 5 minute lightning demos/talks delivered by all of you! To speak, comment below with your name and the talk's title and 1-sentence blurb to get on the list. Any cloudy, devopsey, containery, high-tech-y talk or demo is welcome. No sales jobs but other than that all are welcome!

Other user groups are invited to join us for the event, just email us or comment below and tell us you're in, then advertise the meeting on your own meetup or whatever.

Meetups that are joining us include:
- Austin Automation Professionals -
- Women Who Code -
- Austin DevOps -
- Austin Postgres -


Lightning talks, 5 minutes max! Anything you know, that someone else doesn't and is interested in. Sign up in the comments below with name and talk title and optional one-sentence blurb.

1. Bertold Kolics - Improve Quality Culture Using Visualization, Blurb: quick tips on how to engage your team better and build better quality products faster by visualizing the CI/CD pipeline

2. JJ Asghar - Don't run databases in Kubernetes

3. JJ Ruescas - Beyond Resilience: Using unpredictability in your favor

4. Cancelled

5. Devdatta Kulkarni - Platform-as-Code vs. Infrastructure-as-Code in Kubernetes world.

6. Joseph Fluckinger - Using AWS Data Migration Service to migrate to Aurora Postgres for 1/10th the cost and 2x the performance

7. Nate Eliot - BASHing on Kube for fun and profit

8. Luca Carducci - CI/CD on GKE in many programming languages

9. Evan Niedojadlo - Sprinkling some DevSecOps magic onto your existing CI/CD process

10. Scott Turner - Scaling DevOps: From Series to Parallel Application Delivery

11. (JK) Kristian Gonzalez - Security in Multi-Tenancy and providing a build by security-containerization strategy with Kubernetes.

12. Boyd Hemphill - Retrospectives aren't Just for Hippies any more

13. Joe Kokenge - Simulate an AWS IoT device with a script on your machine, Blurb: "It's pretty easy...I'll show you! simulate an IoT device on AWS, read in a data set and get started playing with an IoT big data pipeline.

14. Matthew Brahms - Using GitOps (FluxCD) to power K8s deployments.

15. Nadine - Why and how I got AWS Certified.

16. Daria Ilic - “25 of the hottest cloud jokes” by you the audience…

17. Eddy Reyes - my new SLO "easy button" dashboard- easy SLOs, error budgets, and burn rate alerting.

18. Hemanth AVS - Operationalize Kubernetes at Scale

19. Dennis Doire - Azure devops pipelines and integrating test frameworks.

20. Kenni A Nimmer - DBA as code using Ansible on Postgres


And we need sponsors! We try to make these more festive than normal meetings so we'd love to have a food sponsor, treat sponsor, one or more booze sponsors, and people who have drawings for door prizes. If you have an idea of something else to sponsor tell us! So encourage your organization to sponsor and get goodwill from a big bunch of the best techies in the ATX. Want to sponsor? Let us know here:

- Food Sponsor: MABL,
- Beer Sponsor: The Proven Method
- Dessert Sponsor: The Zebra
- Swag/Door Prize Sponsor 1: Sumo Logic
- Swag/Door Prize Sponsor 2: Texas Scalability Summit tickets by GeekAustin!
- Summer Heat Treats (watermelon and frozen grapes): Command Prompt Inc.

Location of Event

9001 N I H 35 #150
Austin, US-TX, 78753
9001 N I H 35 #150
Austin, US-TX, 78753

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