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How to Find out If You’re a Good Fit for a Business’s Culture

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You can find hundreds of books on the subject “what does it take to be a successful in business”. You can find a thousand articles on the subject today and even more tomorrow. As this is such a broad subject, narrowing it down to a short list is very hard. We all know people who bog themselves down with statements like; I am not smart enough. I don’t have what it takes. What if I fail? I have always given the same advice to all these people; if you never try, you’re never going to know

However, all these books and articles that I have read over the years all work around the same theme which I am going to present to you. If you have most, if not all, of these qualities; you can achieve success and be a good fit in a business’s culture.

  1. How Well Do You Take Criticism?

When you have worked with as many people as I have, you start seeing things differently. Instead of taking censure to heart, you start respecting the feedback of the people. Criticism is a handy tool in any relationship – business or otherwise. Instead of frowning upon bad feedback, learn how to read through negative reviewers and use it to your advantage. 

Are you a person who is always on the hunt to improve himself or a person who will curl towards the corner because he takes things too personally? 

Not only should you be able to take criticism, but you should give constructive criticism from time to time. It should not be used as a tool to instill fear in your employees but as a weapon to help them grow. 

Without feedback, there is no growth!

  2. How Disciplined Are You?

When you are running a business, you are the leader whose path the employees will follow. If you are not disciplined in your daily proceedings, your employees will also show a very immature attitude towards your business. 

Discipline is also crucial to get things done. When you discipline yourself, you create a very positive vibe around you, which benefits every person you come in contact with. Since our childhood, we have heard phrases like Life is a race where everyone wants to end first. It completely fits the business scenario as if you are not disciplined towards achieving your goal; you will get sidelined and knocked out by the people who are.

  3. Are You Open to Risks or Failures?

All major firms like Google, Apple, and Microsoft have a backup plan in case they have a significant setback. If all these great companies are prone to failure, then why can’t you be?

Whether you like it or not; businesses fail, and so can yours. But it doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to achieve your dream or start over. It is a common belief that taking risk or failure is a negative thing. Sure, it sets you back for the time being but running a business is a learning process, and what better way to learn than from your mistakes?

However, it is vital to take calculated risks so that you can bounce back up quickly. Analyze your plan, establish the risks involved, predict the mistakes, create a backup plan, and take the leap of faith.

  4. How Good of a Leader Are You?

Leadership is one of the main qualities a businessperson must possess. He should know how to handle pressure, how to make crucial decisions, and how to read people. In the business culture, you have to trust people a lot. You have to trust them with your money, with your ideas and above all with your business. If you are not a good judge of character, you might get tangled within the wrong company. And if you don’t know how to lead from the front, your employees will lack the necessary motivation to treat your dreams as their own.

The Bottom Line

Business culture isn’t for everyone. There is a lot of blood, sweat, failure, and setbacks involved in the growing process but once you go through all that and emerge a victor, you will realize that starting a business was the best decision you have made in your lifetime.


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