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Smart Factory – Fostering efficiency and innovation through IIoT

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Softweb Solutions Inc
Nov 16
05:30 PM - 07:30 PM
Data Science

About Event

It is quite apparent that technologies like IoT and advanced analytics are having a profound impact on how factories operate today. Manufacturers are slowly adopting smart solutions as part of the Industrial IoT initiative that promotes higher machine reliability, reduced operational costs, improved transparency and operational efficiency.

Meet us at the event and learn more about the benefits of implementing a smart factory – as a digital transformational change in your business. Our representatives will show you how you can realize the value of IoT-powered solutions in your business while digitizing production processes and driving performance improvements. You can also discuss your ideas and our experts will address all your queries.

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  • Pitfalls of traditional manufacturing processes and how to overcome
  • What Industry 4.0 really is and why it’s a game changer
  • IT/OT convergence: The key mantras in smart manufacturing
  • The role of IoT and data analytics in the manufacturing industry
  • Benefits of bot platform vs readymade solutions
  • Current market trends and value
  • Smart factory: The evolution not revolution
  • Demo and review of smart production line monitoring
  • Q&A session