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Do You Want to Start or Grow a Business?

Organized By
The Riveter
Jun 18
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Pitch Event

Moms and Mother Nature Show You How

 In this introductory talk, Susan will illuminate how Mom and Mother Nature guided her to bootstrap a business to $1.5M in the second year and to provide training and mentoring for $250M in business process improvements. 

She provides concrete examples of how Mom and Mother Nature have guided her in eight key areas of starting, running, and growing successful businesses: 

  •  Getting and Staying in Motion: F=ma is All You Need to Know 
  • Planning & Mapping: Identifying the Most Efficient Path to A Clear Destination 
  • Creating Change: The Sum of the Forces Create Results
  •  Dealing with Change: I Can Have Stress Without Strain! 
  • Sales & Marketing: Attracting Clients Like Magnets 
  • Financial Management: Assets and Profits are Important; Cash Flow is King 
  • Measuring Change: Star Charts and Black Xs 
  • Group Dynamics: Aligning Human Resources for Greatness 


Susan invites you to apply these principles to your own challenges and opportunities. 

About the Speaker - 

Susan Meredith 

 Susan has been an entrepreneur for 30 years building businesses that last. She is founder and president of Human Excel. where her own consulting has provided projected savings of $250M through developing and improving processes throughout tech, manufacturing, service, merchandising and consulting. Susan trained and certified over 40 consultants and was instrumental in the design of World Class training programs for Fortune 100 corporations. Throughout her career Susan studied how the principles she learned from her engineering degree apply to business – principles such as momentum, dynamics, inertia, stress and power – what she now calls “Mother Nature’s Laws of Business.” She used these models to co-found and run Go Green Squads, an energy efficiency services provider that bootstrapped to $1.5M revenue in its second year and is still operating under new owners. She received Management and Technical Awards while at IBM, has an engineering degree from University of Illinois and an MBA from University of Texas in Austin and is the author of the award-winning book “Beyond Light Bulbs: Lighting the Way to Smarter Energy Management.” Her passion now is to produce measurable results in accelerating sustainability solutions.

Location of Event

1145 W 5th St
Austin, TX, 78703
1145 W 5th St
Austin, TX, 78703

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